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Domestic Assault MN

The attorneys at Leverson Budke, PLLP have successfully defended many Minnesotans accused of assault. While you may believe your best course of action is to plead guilty in exchange for no jail time, doing so will undoubtedly have significant consequences for many years to come. Don’t go another day without speaking with a skilled Minnesota attorney who can help guide you during this difficult process.

If you’ve been charged with, or are a victim of domestic or sexual assault in MN call 651-829-3572 for a FREE consultation.

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Domestic Assault

If you’ve been charged with assault or domestic assault, you need a Minnesota lawyer who understands the complexities of these laws and the collateral consequences of a conviction. In addition to potential jail time or fines, a sexual assault or domestic assault conviction may have a negative impact on your housing, future employment, and professional licensures. Especially important to many Minnesotans, a conviction for assault will even affect your ability to possess a firearm.

Minnesota Restraining Order & Order for Protection MN

In addition to representing individuals who have been charged with a crime, the attorneys at Leverson Budke, PLLP have helped numerous people obtain a Minnesota order for protection. If you or a loved one is being harassed or feels unsafe, contact our attorneys to learn more about Minnesota protective orders.

Allow the attorneys at Leverson Budke to present your best defense.

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