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The attorneys at Leverson Budke, PLLP have experience providing top-level representation in all areas of criminal defense. For more information on the most common types of charges, please click on one of the icons below.

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MN DWI Lawyer

MN DWI Lawyer

Getting a DWI in Minnesota is a charge that comes with serious consequences. If charged, it’s vital to quickly contact a knowledgeable DWI lawyer who can help you handle time-sensitive matters and present your best defense.

MN DWI Lawyer

MN Drug Offense Lawyer

Drug Charge Lawyer

Drug convictions can come with jail time, fines, and if deemed a felony, may impact your ability to vote, own a firearm, or obtain employment. Don’t take any drug charge lightly, and always contact an experienced attorney before taking a plea.

Drug Charge Attorney

MN Criminal Defense Lawyer

Criminal Defense

If you’re charged with a crime, you need experts on your side that can defend you against the prosecutors and their many resources and strategies.  No matter the crime, this isn’t something you should handle without a Minnesota attorney.

MN Criminal Defense Attorney

MN Domestic Assault Lawyer

Domestic Assault

Domestic assault charges in Minnesota are complex and can have severe and long lasting effects – especially if your case isn’t handled properly. Our lawyers can guide you through these complicated charges and assist you in deciding on a plea.

MN Domestic Assault Attorney

MN Expungement Lawyer

MN Expungement

It may be possible to have your criminal record sealed from public view, which can allow you to regain lost rights. Expungement is not simple, but our attorneys can let you know if you qualify and what steps to take.

MN Expungement Lawyer

MN Restoration of Firearm Rights Lawyer

Restore Gun Rights

Regaining gun rights involves both state and federal laws, and the timing of your attempt at restoration is very important. Contact a Twin Cities attorney before taking any actions, and never possess a firearm until your rights are restored.

Restore Your Gun Rights

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