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Having a criminal record is one of the things that could have a significant bearing on your life. Regardless of the magnitude of your conviction or the circumstances surrounding the crime, having it on your record will definitely affect how you are treated and the opportunities that are available to you. It could put a stop to you getting that dream job that you have worked so hard for, or prevent you from living in that beautiful neighborhood that you have admired for so long. Most people and institutions with whom you interact with will more likely than not run a background check on you to get a picture of what kind of person you are. This is especially true in conservative communities such as the ones to be found in the state of Minnesota. And the worst part is that the conviction that causes you so much trouble could have emanated from a simple stupid crime that occurred many years ago. It could be DUI conviction from that one time you went binge drinking with your college buddies or that one time you shoplifted a supermarket as a dare from your friends fifteen years ago. This is why you need to secure the services of the top expungement attorney MN has to offer as soon as possible.

What is Expungement?

Expungement is the process through which one can have certain convictions and arrests sealed from their public records. This would mean that anybody or organization that runs a background check on you will not have access to such records as may harm your public image. What many people fail to realize, is that even when the charges are dropped, and there is no actual conviction, records of the arrest are still accessible to the public and may have similar effects as conviction records. Through expungement, however, all this information in your records is sealed, making it impossible for the public to access it. In this manner, you will not be blocked from accessing opportunities or some fundamental freedoms which a criminal conviction is appearing on your public record could lead to. By engaging the services of expungement lawyers Mn, you will be able to apply for and get your dream job if you qualify for it, or by or rent an apartment in that posh neighborhood that you have always wanted if you can afford it. The benefits of expungement cannot be overstated, which is why you should secure the services of the top expungement attorney MN has to offer.

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The Minnesota Expungement Process

In the state of Minnesota, criminal records start at the point of arrest and are not wholly dependent on the outcome of the court case or on whether or not charges are dropped. Therefore, once you get arrested, that goes on your record and will be visible in your records to anyone who runs a background check on you. It is therefore imperative that you secure services of one of the most experienced expungement lawyers Minneapolis has to offer. An expungement lawyer will be thorough in both their case and their investigation. Expungement laws in Minnesota are particularly complex because you have to prove to the court that it is not in the best interest of the public to keep your arrest and conviction records in your public records. To ensure that you achieve this, you must take note to get the representation from a knowledgeable and experienced expungement attorney MN can provide.

It is important to note that not all arrest and conviction records can be expunged from your records. If you were either arrested or convicted of driving under the influence or for sexual offenses, it is important to note that expungement may not be entirely possible. However, with the help of a good expungement lawyer (Minneapolis), you can get your records cleared most of the less serious crimes. If your arrests and conviction records have been hindering you from making much progress in life and denying you access to important opportunities, it is about time you considered approaching an MN-based expungement attorney. The following are the steps that are followed in the expungement process to clear your records and allow you to live a full life. It is especially easier to get your arrests and conviction records sealed if it has been two years or more since the arrest or conviction was made.

1. Step One in the Minnesota Expungement Process

Contact the court in the county, region or states within which the arrest or conviction was made and obtain you’re a copy of your criminal records. This can be done with the help of some of the top expungement attorney MN has to offer. This will show the arrests and convictions that have been reflected in your public record, helping you determine which you would like to pursue expungement on.

2. Step Two in the Minnesota Expungement Process

Contact the most dedicated expungement attorney MN has to offer and seek their counsel on which is the best way to proceed. Of each expungement attorney MN residents have to choose from, Leverson Budke will stand from the crowd for his vast knowledge and experience in expungement cases throughout his illustrious career. Leverson Budke will help you review your criminal history and determine the best way to proceed with your expungement case.

3. Step Three in the Minnesota Expungement Process

The third step will involve taking measures to obtain the right paperwork to request an expungement. Your lawyer, Leverson Budke, will take charge of this process and ensure that you have the right paperwork before proceeding to the next step.

4. Step Four in the Minnesota Expungement Process

Once the right paperwork has been obtained, you will be required to organize your data in a manner that you will be able to provide it when required. This includes such data as the time and date in which you were arrested or convicted, the place where this took place and the type of crime that you were so arrested or convicted for. Include in this data any other information relating to your criminal history, even crimes for which you were never arrested or convicted. Any other names that you have ever identified yourself with and contact information must also be recorded. Specify the cases which ended in a no-contact order.

5. Step Five in the Minnesota Expungement Process

Make a clear determination as to why you are seeking a Minnesota expungement. Take note that this reason must be sincere and reasonable enough to convince the judge, as it will be reviewed and you will be asked to take the stand to make your case. Create a list of reasons why you think you deserve to be expunged, and make sure that they are legitimate, logical and reasonable reasons.

6. Step Six in the Minnesota Expungement Process

Take note that at some point, you will be asked to identify the victims of your crimes. Keep this information in proximity and give it in as much detail as you can for a speedier process.

7. Step Seven in the Minnesota Expungement Process

You will be expected to convince the judge that you have taken measures to change your life since you were arrested or convicted. It is important to show that you have kept a clean record since then and that you have taken charge of your life. Evidence of employment, involvement in social and communal activities and any other self-improvement measures would help make your case better.

8. Step Eight in the Minnesota Expungement Process

Once you and your attorney are convinced that you a developed a watertight case, you can proceed to court. Your hearing date will be set, and you can be present your petition then. Since the petition must be mailed at least sixty-three days before the actual hearing, most expungement lawyers MN citizens get to work with will advise that the hearing is set for seventy days to have you have finished compiling your petition.

9. Step Nine in the Minnesota Expungement Process

Finally, once all these steps have been followed, your petition will then get notarized and copied.

Why seek services from an experienced expungement attorney MN residents have learned to they can turn to?

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In the past, before the new expungement law was passed, it was really difficult to get your records expunged. There was a long list of convictions and arrests from which it was virtually impossible to get expunged for. In most cases, the court only directed for the expungement of their records, which were mainly limited to convictions. Other records such as arrest records, records contained in the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension (BCA), police records and all other which may be in the hands of other state agencies all remained untouched. This made the expungement process pointless, as most of your criminal records remained within the public sphere. The limiting effects of this expungement law deterred many people from pursuing the process.

However, as from January 1st, 2015, a new expungement law took effect in Minnesota. Under this law, all the conviction and arrest records from all government institutions and organizations can be sealed from public access. This has made it more worthwhile to pursue expungement, as all your criminal history can be completely sealed from your records if you secure the services of the top expungement attorney MN has to offer. This will allow all the members of the community who are taking positive measures to better their lives, but who have been held back by a tainted public record an opportunity to pursue their dreams and their lives to the full extent of their potential. Expungement will give individuals a second chance to correct the wrongs that they made in the past, and prevent them from paying for their mistakes way long after they have been effectively punished by the state.

Even more importantly, the new expungement law in Minnesota has made it mandatory for organizations and business screening services that do background checks for data miners and employers to delete all information on convictions and arrests that have been expunged and pardoned. In effect, even if an organization has our criminal record and your conviction or arrest was reflected, denying you opportunities, they are obligated by law to delete such information and present a clean record. This means in effect that you can have access to opportunities and privileges that were denied to you due to your criminal record which has been expunged. You can, therefore, apply for that job that you were qualified for but for which you never got a chance to interview because your public records showed that you had a criminal record. This law truly offers you a second opportunity in life and ensures that you are not continually judged by your past mistakes, giving you a chance to turn a new leaf.

About Leverson Budke: An experienced Minneapolis expungement attorney MN residents can trust

Leverson Budke PLLP is an organization in Minnesota run but two of the most experienced and dedicated expungement lawyers NM has to offer. The two lawyers Steven Budke and Nicholas Leverson approach every case as a team to increase their rate of effectiveness and to provide the highest level of representation. They effortlessly make sure that your rights stay protected and at the same time keep you informed throughout the entire legal process.

Steven Budke is a highly experienced in expungement and restoration of rights. In the recent past, he has negotiated numerous favorable outcomes for his clients and argued for the dismissal of many others. Being charged with a felony is no gag; you need to hire a lawyer who understands the complexities of the situation you are going through. Steve has been an adjunct professor at William Mitchell College of Law and Mitchell Hamline College of Law. He lectures on Criminal Law, Constitutional Criminal Procedure, and Evidence.

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Nicholas Leverson practices exclusively on criminal defense and focuses on DUI/DWI, assault and drug charges. He is a dedicated and passionate lawyer who fights strongly for the best outcome for the client. He understands the uniqueness of each case and handles each as such. To add onto practicing criminal defense, Nick has worked as an adjunct professor at William Mitchell College of Law and Mitchell Hamline College of Law. He lectures on Criminal Law and Constitutional Criminal Procedure

The firm is built on professionalism and believes strongly in working with the clients best interests at heart and in mind. Being charged with a crime is a stressful thing. The firm has had lots of experience with accused long after a criminal conviction, they understand the adverse effects those records have to a client. A good attorney fights to make sure that your rights are protected at all times. If you have been accused of a crime and the effects of it have lingered long after, you can hire this firm to ask the court to seal off those records.

Hire the most dedicated and experienced expungement attorney MN has to offer to get rid of that not-so-good record.

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